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To Sell: Start with 3 Easy Steps...
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  • Go to “My Events” which is accessed through the user account menu at the top-right corner of the website then by clicking the “My Events” tab to below your account profile picture.
  • From within “My Events” you may create a new event by clicking on the “Create an Event” button on to the top-right of the area. You can also create an event using the information from a “Previous Event” by clicking the icon to the left of the event. For further assistance follow the easy steps below.
YOU’RE ALMOST THERE! Just enter the details.

Fill out the general event details such as host, name, category, status, description, date and time, along with any applicable restrictions.

Provide the venue name, location, and then add your event ticket types, price, and quantity information.

Add the social media web URL’s of your event. You can also request a "Featured Advertisement" placement for your event.

Preview the information you have entered to ensure accuracy.

Publishing is complete once you click the “Save’ button. Your event is now posted on SunTixx.Com for public or private viewing, where applicable.

Additional Information

  • Please contact us to arrange your preferred payment method from those outlined in the "Payment Solutions" section of our website. Payment on sales can be issued to organizers as frequently as twice per week for approved clients. Getting approval is fast and easy!

  • You may also login in to your profile and manage your event from the My Events tab at any time, by clicking on the edit icon to the left of the listed event. Ticket types may be enabled and disabled to accommodate your desired sales strategy.

    For example, if you want to sell "General Admission" tickets for one week only at a price of $100.00, you would create this ticket type and enable it for public sale. At the end of the week you can then disable the ticket and enable another ticket type with your new price.

  • From the My Events tab you can further access tools to manage your event such as reports and scanning for access control purposes. These are available through the tool icon next to the edit icon. Further information on these tools is described in the Reports & Scanning section of the website.

  • Contact us directly to request a cancellation of your event. If tickets have already been sold we will need the reason for cancellation and to issue refunds to your patrons in accordance with our Refund Policy.

  • For Pre-printed Tickets and Wristbands please see the Custom Tickets section and contact us directly.

  • Information on calculation of our fees and on accessing your sales revenue can be found in the Service Fees and Payment Solutions sections of the website.

Use of the SunTixx.Com online ticket sales service or the Sun Tixx Point of Sale or Box Offices is conditioned on the Users and Organizers (“You, Your”) compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”). By using or accessing any part of the Services, you agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on the site by SunTix.Com. If you do not follow Sun Tixx AUP, your account and/or the account of your Organization may be terminated, or your access to the SunTixx.Com website may be blocked. This policy may be updated from time to time with revision dates posted (as seen above).

Acceptable Use of SunTixx.Com

  • You may not use or attempt to use the Sun Tixx for any illegal, abusive or unethical activities as determined by us in our sole discretion. Unacceptable activities include, but are not limited to, credit card or other fraud, transmission of illegal pornographic material, invasion of privacy, defamation, infringement of another person’s copyright, trade secret, patent, trademark or other intellectual property rights, hacking or cracking (gaining unauthorized use of a computer), distributing computer viruses or other malware, gambling, harassment of another or distribution of other harmful materials, code, programs or scripts.
  • You must make sure that all information you enter into Sun Tixx is information you have permission to collect, store and use, according to all national laws that apply to you. You may only use information about Patrons for the purpose for which that information was collected, where applicable.
  • You may not express or imply that any statements you make are endorsed by us, without our prior written consent.
  • You may not submit (a) any content or information that is unlawful, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable, or infringes our or any third party's intellectual property or other rights; (b) any non-public information about companies without authorization; or (c) any advertisements, solicitations, chain letters, pyramid schemes, surveys, contests, investment opportunities or other unsolicited commercial communication;
  • You may not breach any applicable data protection statute by, for example, sending or storing personal information (as defined in applicable data protection statutes) in an unencrypted form.
  • You may not impersonate another person or organization in your registration for Sun Tixx, your Account profile, or in any communications sent to or via Sun Tixx.
  • You may not use Sun Tixx to undermine the security or integrity of computing systems or networks or gain unauthorized access or control over our computers or any other person’s computers.
  • You may not use any area of the Site for commercial purposes, such as to conduct sales of tickets, products or services.
  • You may not permit another person to use your resources or the Sun Tixx Service to conduct any of the matters you are prohibited from doing.
  • You may not order a number of tickets for an event that exceeds the stated limit for that event;
  • You may not use Sun Tixx to send junk mail or spam, or to send malicious or threatening emails.
  • You may not abuse the online ticket selling service by scalping tickets or by using scripts or bots to purchase tickets.

This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of how you may or may not use Sun Tixx, but is illustrative of the range of unacceptable uses. We have the right in our sole discretion to determine whether any particular conduct is an acceptable use.

In the event that your account is terminated for violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, but you reasonably believed, in good faith, that your use of Sun Tixx was not in violation, your account may be reinstated, at our sole discretion, provided you cease such conduct.

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