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The benefits of the Sun Tixx Caribbean platform have been designed with a few key stakeholders in mind. We consider these to be our patrons, clients, and all citizens of the world. We have outlined some of these key benefits below:



  • Payment Options – Patrons have a choice of payment options which include online via credit cards, debit cards, or Paypal ® accounts, or cash payment which is facilitated at points of sale. We support all major credit and debit card platforms.
  • Ticketing Options – Our electronic ticketing options focus on ticketing via mobile phones and other supported portable devices. We also support print-at-home tickets and printed tickets at points of sale.
  • Ticket Storage Wallet – Registered users can access their purchased tickets virtually at anytime. Your online profile is your secure ticket wallet and whereby you can have instant access to all of your entry passes just moments before you need to present them.
  • Lost or Stolen Tickets – If you have printed your ticket and it becomes lost you can re-print it at anytime from inside your user account area. We can also replace ticket that may have been compromised or stolen by cancelling them and reissuing a new barcode.
  • Mobile Apps – We have designed mobile apps for your convenient access to purchasing and accessing your favourite event tickets. Through our mobile apps you may also store your tickets for further ease of entry into events
  • No Start-up Costs – To post and begin selling events, Sun Tixx Caribbean allows organizers this service for free. As we are familiar with the costs of event production, we have designed our platform with no upfront costs. Organisers are charged only when tickets are sold.
  • Fast and Customizable – Our platform allows organizers to quickly set up events on their own, and to fully manage their sales campaigns. To create various ticket types, add a new ticket price, and to start and stop the selling of a ticket type is simple and easy
  • Scanning and Access Control - To scan event tickets foraccess control at event entrances is fully managed by the organiser from desktop, laptops, tablet or mobile phones. It is quick and easy using either a standard point of sale barcode reader and computer or a mobile device with a built in camera.
  • Reports - A summarized report is available in the event tools. We also provide reports with details about your sales and access control. These reports can be made available in the interim before your event or a final report an be delivered after the event, as an event spreadsheet.
  • Business Growth - Your business growth targets become more reachable using our platform as it is a hub for buyers and persons looking for events and functions to attend. These buyers may be outside of your immediate network.Your potential is greatly increased by using our platform.
  • Social Network Sharing - The Sun Tixx Caribbean platform allows both oranisers and purchasers to share their events and interests across various social networks. Our site capabilities also allow for easy embedding of purchase app on your external websites.
  • Cost Savings - There is now no need to stock outlets and re-stock. Using the full capabilities of our platform allows you to enjoy major cost savings of transport, labour, and security

Citizens of the World:

In today’s world, development and technology impact directly on all citizens of the world. The nature of this impact can be either positive or negative. It is the responsibility of each individual to be conscious consumers and architects of business enterprises.

At Sun Tixx Caribbean our business philosophy mandates that our overall impact should be a positive one. Therefore, we have designed our platform towards having a positive impact on the environment and hence the future generations of the world.

In addition to the suggested benefits of electronic ticketing as highlighted in the sections above, we have made a further effort to reduce our carbon footprint as we have made the focal point of our business to be a paperless ticketing system at its core. Also, in the cases where paper is in fact utilized at our points of sale, we make every attempt to use recycled and bio-friendly products.

We feel that the environment is the responsibility of all citizens of the world. The concept of considering the environmental impact and benefits therefore, is a responsible action that should be mirrored by all business enterprises in some way. The use of our technology and in particular the paperless system (mobile ticketing) is one such way and is fully encouraged.

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